Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina – HIV Vaccine

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Founder & CEO

Anthony Harrelson of North Caroline acknowledges that a workable HIV vaccine may still be a ways off, but his company, White Oak Industries, has been making strides towards that goal for the past several years. Dr. Harrelson is White Oak’s founder and CEO, and he says that his team has been closer than ever to the breakthrough they need to finally realize his project’s potential. Dr. Harrelson started the viral vaccine project several years ago with the help of only a few investors and a general idea of how his treatment would work. A Doctor of Microbiology, Harrelson sought to combat serious viral infections by reprogramming the body’s immune system slightly to attack infected cells and virus particles only.

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina isn’t shy about his end goal: he wants to be the first in the world to develop a useable HIV vaccine. His team is at work on a vaccine for a particular type of HIV. Of the many strains of the virus, Dr. Harrelson’s team will try to create a vaccine that affects the most Americans in the world. Harrelson wanted to start with a product that would be highly sought-after in his own country before he went abroad. His team has found a way to use the body’s dendritic cells to find the viruses everywhere throughout a patient’s body. The most dangerous viruses, including HIV, hide themselves within the body of a patient, masking their presence from the body’s immune system whose job it is to hunt down all dangerous foreign particles.


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