Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina – Expert in Biopharmaceuticals

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Founder & CEO

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina operates his company, White Oak Industries from Archdale. White Oak Industries is a prominent biopharmaceutical company that has been working on developing new immunotherapeutic treatments for highly contagious infectious diseases. Viruses such as Ebola and HIV have been running rampant around the world, from Africa to the United States. Dr. Harrelson, together with his research and development team at White Oak, hopes to end the suffering of the millions of people affected by these diseases once and for all.

Anthony Harrelson North Carolina has focused his company’s research and development efforts on immunotherapy because he believes that these kinds of drugs have the greatest potential to stop the spread of infectious diseases. His team at White Oak Industries has been working in the clinical-stage biotechnology sector to create vaccines for viruses like HIV using White Oak’s proprietary DNA platform technology. Dr. Harrelson hopes to meet a huge medical need and create a huge commercial opportunity. Dr. Harrelson’s long-term goal is to create therapies for some of the most dangerous infectious diseases afflicting the most people in the world at the moment.

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina has been working hard to develop vaccines that will fight and prevent individuals from being infected in the first place. White Oak Industries will continue its work on finding ways to use immunotherapy to fight infectious diseases until it has a definitive treatment that truly works. Harrelson is confident that his research and development team will create a usable product soon to help the millions of people suffering from HIV infection and more.


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